The Sahjanand group is a real estate construction company that has been into the market for around twenty one years now and promises to deliver some excellent projects with quality and integrity. Sahjanand Group aims to become a global player in the sector, undertaking challenging projects for tomorrow’s world of business, harmonizing innovative and progressive technology with its experience and excellence.

Buying your own little space in the city or outskirts is surely a necessity and also a dream for many. All one wants is the space to be a perfect place for being. The place would define you and would be a reflection of your style, status and persona. Here, we help to make that happen for you as we are weaving dreams with reality to make that magic happen.

Your own space in the city where your heart would remain and at the end of days’ work you will find your bit of peace and tranquillity in the serene ambience you have created and have helped us turning your dream into reality by having the faith in us to help you do so. We help you in building your dream into a reality and thus carving and shaping your life the way you wanted it to be.

Our goal then and now is to provide quality projects

We are here to weave practicality with aesthetics for good and worthwhile living, making your dream come true. Including the completion of thirty major projects, both residential and commercial, the Sahjanand group has become a global player very fast, with much accuracy and precision, undertaking new challenges and projects thereby implementing new, innovative and progressive technology to deliver with excellence, counting on its experience.

Come and experience this whole new thing with the works showcasing some great impeccable designs and architectural brilliance which is quite enriching and fulfilling in itself.

Our values

Honesty and Truthfulness

No wonder honesty and truthfulness are our first and foremost priority lying under the core value of our working mechanism. We like to do quality work with integrity thereby remaining transparent in the process.

Admiration and Reverence

Our legacy has garnered much admiration and reverence for working relentlessly and has reflected perseverance till success is achieved. We as a team have held on to it and have learnt to become deserving of such respect.

Quality and Brilliance

We believe in producing quality work as it is directly related to adding value to the lives of many who dream of their own personal spaces. Quality work pays and helps us producing brilliant results in the long run.

Unity and Harmony

We believe in working as a team and stepping up the ladder altogether, bringing a win-win situation for all the people involved, be it the team itself, client, peer, colleague or partner, thereby emitting a sense of solidarity.

Accountability and Reliability

We always work progressively keeping our accountability towards the society and its people in mind. We always try to give back what we have gained thus holding our place as the most reliable and trustworthy partner in the business.

Our approach

Embracing core values to achieve excellence

Our generation is inspired profoundly from our predecessors whose modus operandi circulated around the core values which they have always believed in and have inculcated them in the corporate system. Taking it from them, we are committed to take it further to perform brilliantly, upholding the values of our legacy.

Engraved in words committed to work

To gain the trust of people and become a reliable organization cannot be done overnight. It takes a lot of perseverance and relentless consistent countless performances to achieve the zenith. Our commitment to work and keeping up with the promises stands the test of time and that behaviour reflects in the admiration and reverence of our associates and customers.

about us

We are in Real Estate Building Construction since last 21 years. we want our company to be a major infrastructure and growth driver for the development of India so that the whole nation gets empowered.

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